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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cat Times at Maxton High

As a young boy, I had a couple cats, one was named Bridgette, and one Casey. Bridgette just showed up at our door one day, Casey was a gift.

Casey was an aggressive little fuck, no one could even touch him but dad. Bridgette was sweet as strawberry pie. They both got shot when we came back from our trailer (we used to live in a trailer sometimes) and had piss all over the place to clean.

My next cat experience, other than lovely little affairs with Drama, Hanky the retard, and Twila the Queen, comes from the Dr., Freeman Mittens.

Freeman is a funny cat, because I was too young to remember living with kitteh's and he is one. Every morning, or night, he will run around like one of Holly's patients, wanting to see what I'm up to. I'm the first one up, and I go upstairs at night to get ready for bed, while Adam and Jessie pretty well live mostly downstairs.

Freeman's funny trait is feet biting and screen climbing. He bites feet thinking they are spiders, or plants, and he climbs our screeen doors (causing no problem, although if we aren't home, I don't know how he gets down.)

Hanky has a funny trait too, he likes to have his head jerked off. You sort of pretent he has a horse penis for a head and rub it (the tip) to and fro. He loves it, he's a deviant.

Twila, seems pretty ho-hum. This is what Holly and I call boring things. Not to say that it's not a good thing for a cat to be boring.

Here's some info on the biting phenomenon:

"Cats, especially kittens, love to play. Abruptly ending a play session is an extremely powerful reprimand. With a few repetitions, kitty will learn that it is his own overly rambunctious or aggressive behavior that brings an end to all the fun.

While your cat is learning not to bite and claw you, it is equally as important that you provide kitty with something he can pounce on, attack, grab with his claws and sink his teeth into.

Unless your cat has real prey to hunt, you are going to have to provide the play prey. If you simply toss a few toys on the floor, your cat may give them a few swats then quickly lose interest. It is up to you to make the toys fun. Play should be an interactive game between you and your cat. Tie a toy to the end of a length of string. Drag it around your house with kitty in pouncing pursuit. Pet stores are full of both inexpensive and exotic toys for your cat. Use your imagination and create your own toys. The idea is to stimulate your cat's interest and participation. Two 15 minute play sessions a day will work wonders in venting your cats excess energy as well as fulfilling his predatory instincts.

All in all, a visiting cat works for us, full time would not work. Freeman is so cute, but he can be annoying. I will miss him when he's gone though.


  1. Freeman has landed on Vancouver Island and has no time to rest. Meeting his step-brothers Cody and Skeeter has been priority number one. It looks like respect for the pure-bred from K-Town will have to be earned here on the west-side. Pics and a full blog entry to follow with some of our first impressions of Victoria. I'll cover such phemomena as sporadic monkey trees, wild peacocks roaming easter bunnies of all flavours, and free blackberries abound.

  2. yeah man wicked. Can I also get coverage of the plane ride? With respect to having an animal on a plane? It's going to have to be an epic entry.

  3. Damn cats, once you own one you're forever a "cat person". It's weird that my cats have such different traits. What the hell is that all about?