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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Algae Update

Allright, so I went to the pet store, looking for the fish I spoke about (Algae eaters.)

I talked with an expert, she told me the fish would die in the pond immediately cause they need constant heat, which is just something I cannot offer. She did recommend a liquid medicine called sludge remover. She only had industrial quantities so I vowed to return at a later date and we parted ways.

Earlier in the day I was able to scoop out a lot of the green and fling it into the garden. It smells really bad. She said it's fish waste. I think what happened was that I put those white bricks into the pond, that fed the fish while we were away, they ate too much, like at a buffet, and shat all over the place (like after a buffet.)

The video shows before I cleaned it and some cleaning.

Now the pond looks a bit better. Also, I took out a lot of big rocks so the fish have no where to hide. They are always visible, this is what I want. No more friends coming over and having them embarass me by all hiding.

Also, the big rocks make it hard to clean away the algae, so now i can scoop it up.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Stephen King's The Algae

I dedicate this post to Ben and my mom, happy 27th and 65th respectably.

As you might already know, the pond has been overrun by this underwater disease known as Algae.

If you've seen or read Stephen King's The Myst, you know what the fish are going through. They get stuck in it. Visibility is poor, and it's disgusting.

I have to routinely check to make sure none of our little pals are tied up and can't eat their food.

I can come up with some causes.

1) Alex put it in. Maybe it's a French Canadian prank that when you turn 30, or are taking care of a house, you punk someones pond with vast quantities of Algae.

2) It's coming from leaves. The leaves fall in, from the insane jungle that came about in our backyard. Once the leaves dissolve in the water, they turn to green goo?

3) The fish are making it from their poo poo? Maybe too many fish = green goo??

The Solution:

1) Now, last night there were many people at my moms party. I spoke with some about the issue, one gentleman scholar (actually a dumb guy), told me I could acquire Algae eater fish for 29 cents. This is very appealing.

2) I tried putting in like half a bottle of pond clarifyer juice. This might have made it worse. The juice stuff has bacteria in it. Maybe it caused it?

3) Contact the weirdo guy from Richie's Feed and Seed. He is an expert. This might take the fun out of it though. I like Science experiments.

4) Bring in Peter Dornan. If you are reading this, I would like you to try and develop some sort of chemical at your lab pls.

5) Be a vengeful god and put in chlorine. This is last resort. I don't think I would be able to do this. But I suppose I will do this only after all the sea society of sinners has perished.

Please post your suggestions. I'm going to make a video once I get home and have the camera. You will be amazed/disgusted/appalled.

Peace be with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Las Vegas Final Summary

(I dedicate this post to Alex, happy 30th bday Alex, what an accomplishment!!) 

The People 

The education system is really bad, the money is just not there to fund the public schools.  People I talk to on the phone just don’t know how to do their jobs like here.  My brother phones to order a pizza, calling a place that is a mile away, and they don’t know our street.  He has to say adjacent streets until she recognizes one.  Then he has to give them directions.  She didn’t know how to use google maps? 

The person I called about an airport shuttle recommended I take the city bus to sight see.  What the heck?  They are all retarded.  

The Crime 

We were in what was described to us by our cab driver who took us from the airport, by way of the longest route possible, an ethnic area.  I’m not a racist, so these are his words.  But it was a tough area, if that’s what he meant, I’ll agree with him on it. 

We went to a grocery store, only to see a man in his forties talking on a cell phone and dressed well leaving being chased by security.  He was stealing a can of apple juice.  He just gave it back. 

We went to a Liquor store, right out of Boyz in the Hood (sign that said the cameras are connected directly to the Police station).  People all tatted up, no shirts on, we just wanted some Champagne for our wedding. 

The driving on the streets was worse than Quebec.  I’d have Holly with a map full time and I’d constantly ask for my next move.  Only focusing on the road, everyone was speeding, taxi’s everywhere, and construction was rampant.  Holly refused to ever drive. 

The Downtown 

I was told by the man that picked us up and took us to the rental car place that the downtown was very safe because there are cops and security camera’s everywhere.  OK...  We only went downtown to get the marriage license and that was it. 

The Radio 

I always thought the radio stations in Grand Theft Audio were satire, they’re not.  One radio station was hosted by Ryan Seacrest.  One was pretty decent, played alternative, but also had Eminem and Snoop Dogg?  It was weird, on the weekend they had a flashback weekend and older songs like the Sweater Song (not old at all), had the DJ repeatedly saying how old he was when it was new (like I was in grade 1 when this came out!!).  Like a) who cares, you're like 21 or something, and b) you’re mental, shut up. 

Some stations just had Spanish music and they were fun. 

The Strip 

The strip is where all the Casinos and Hotels are located.  It is huge, you can’t walk the whole thing, and is tons of fun.  Nothing is realistic about it.  You can walk around drunk, and with open alcohol.  You can do almost anything.  Our limo driver for our wedding had to explicitly tell us not to have sex in his limo.  

It is a Liberal paradise.  All it needs is Gay marriage, and maybe a few other things I’m forgetting. 

Parking is all free.  Food is cheap.  Booze is cheap.  Restaurants are cheap if you go to the right ones (buffets, which are amazing).  Shows aren’t too bad pricewise.  Exhibits are cheap.  

The Casinos and Hotels aren’t really themed as they are dedications or replications of what they are based on.  Architects from whatever area or specialty are brought in to give the place the correct look and feel and the result is amazing.  It is not what I was expecting at all.  You could go just to admire the architecture, the sculptures, and the art. 

The Gambling 

The gambling is not something I’m personally into.  I find that if the odds are against you, you shouldn’t really waste your money trying to get lucky.  But I understand the rush you get when trying.  

I used to enjoy gambling when the loss was my own, but since my money has been combined with Holly’s I would feel guilty doing something I inherently know is stupid. 

My brother only plays poker, and I think this is the smartest thing to do.  At least with this game you are not playing against the “house” and with odds always against you.  You are playing against human beings, with the “house” taking a piece of every hand you play.  I only recommend this if you are sure that you are better than the players you are playing against.  I don’t play. 

The Shows 

Cirque du Soleil is amazing.  It’s as close to an acid trip as I hope I’ll ever get.  You can just sit, listen, zone out and marvel at how insanely messed up what you’re seeing is.  I love it. 

I highly recommend LOVE and I recommend KA.  LOVE is basically a bunch of Beatles soundtracks with an ongoing story through time and some of their life stories.  I love the Beatles so it was pretty sick for me.  KA is a story about two kids, a prince and princess.  It had the most elaborate set I have ever seen.  I tried to video it but got caught so I only got a small sample. 

These shows are something else. 

The Wedding 

Our wedding was as beautiful a ceremony as I could have hoped for.  I will tell you that I was worried about the prospect of having a bad Minister, or a jerk Photographer, but this was not the case. 

They were both great, everything went very smoothly.  Ceremony was very quick and our vows were very emotional and very nice.  I’m very glad we do not have to say it was a day we survived and we can say it was a day we loved and celebrated. 


Being the way I am, I was leery of Vegas with its flashy lights and gambling and that.  But what I found was a good heart and beauty where I was expecting cold capitalism.  If you think you can control the urge to gamble away your future, go, it’s a good time. 

One funny plus we noted was that it was our first real vacation where we didn’t have to worry about eating the food and getting sick.  I’ve been to the Dominican Republic 3 times and Mexico once before this trip. 

And note that this was my first time in the United States in about 12 years.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just Married

This just in, Tom and Holly are officially husband and wife!! Congrats to you both. The Vegas paparazzi were quick to snap a pic and send it our way. Looking Hot!
Looking forward to a celebration. See you soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

vegas 2

Yesterday we went to the marriage bureau, rented a car, went to see cirque du soleil ka, and saw the bellagio fountain.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vegas Time

Ok, this is going to be constantly unpolished.  Videos out of order, but I'm busy and I have to take naps.  I think they are in order.

Vegas is a fun time.  The house is far from the strip.  My bro cant rent a car cause hes too young so I had to.  Chevy cobalt, cherry red mofo.  It's a blast.  Driving here is weird.  No money spent on infrastructure.  The gap between rich and poor is huge.  Help me Obama.

The strip is huge, day 1 consisted of buses and public transpo is bad here.   Long walks and Holly can't take it.  In the desert you need a camel.  Anyone catch Conan?  I missed it.  We've been eating lunch buffets, still on eastern time, delicious food, real cheap. 

Today we went to a real sketchy XO liquor store, black guys with shirts off and Spanish guys.  Easy to get racist here.  It was pretty scary.  Video monitor connected to police station.

Went to grocery store, parking lot filled with security, guy stole a appy juice, securidado caught him and he just bailed, he was like 40, sad.