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Monday, June 28, 2010

we have to rethink our inks

so after a long and stressful meeting of the bog, we came up with a new strategy. I want to keep this site afloat, but it's only going to be about the pond.

That means, all the other shit is going down into the garbage (no loss here.)

Pics and vids will mostly be from my phone because I like it like that.

I might post some stuff like (Christiano Ronaldo nude pics, to drum up interest.) But don't worry, I will stop posting inane bullshit unless it's about the blog.

Don't feel bad if you're not reading this, I do it for my own enjoyment. My Pa-Pere Gervais kept a fishing log, I keep a pond log.

Also finally, I'm going to try to disassociate my name from this blog and take on a new name, just to keep things kosher.

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  1. New name suggestion - Finkelstein Humdinger